Pendulum Readings

The pendulum is a symmetrical weight hanging from a fixed, frictionless pivot point.

It is used to obtain divine guidance through oscillating vibrations of energy received from a higher restoring force that can shed light on some questions you are seeking answers to.

Through the process of dowsing, it will promote healing at a deep spiritual level.

Its movement and simple harmonic motion around certain energy fields will interpret different states of emotion and used correctly can help find to path to fulfillment and harmony.

Whether it be work, love, relationships, or anything from finances to the future, the pendulum will allow you to receive messages that float beyond the physical plane by honing in on the vibrations they emanate.

It was Galileo who first observed the trigonometrical and mathematical properties of the natural frequency of the pendulum swing as he observed how the period of the pendulum varied with the square root of the length.

The universal force of gravity, which resides in all matter, is the key ingredient that makes the pendulum such a fascinating tool. 

In healing practices, the motion of a pendulum will thus be able to provide insights into the net force of the gravitational field around your spirit and energy and what these represent. Its primary focus will be to detect and receive amplified communication from your subconscious.

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