My Story

Here you can learn a little more about me to see if our energies align 🌀

Welcome to my Page!

My name is Matt and as a child, I knew I had a connection to the spirit world as well as being extremely gifted for knowing things about people I couldn’t possibly know. It took me a long time to come to terms and eventually embrace my gifts. Now that I have, I am glad that I did, and I have not looked back.

When I read a client, I prefer not to be given any specific questions so I can bring forth the information on my own and validate my gifts. I will give you messages from the other side if someone chooses to come forward. I will provide insight into the past and present as well as provide information on your future. In addition to a traditional reading, I also do coffee and tea leaf readings, Astrology readings, etc. You can find a list of the various services and prices for each on my page.

You can book an appointment with me via email or the contact page, and I will confirm or request a time change.

Payment can be made prior to your reading via PayPal or Etransfer at I don’t have Venmo as it is only for people with USA Bank Accounts. You can find my PayPal link HERE for easy access.

On occasion, I do live readings for a set amount of time. During these sessions, anyone can post their name and I will read for free for those I am drawn to. Donations during the live reads are greatly appreciated. You can send me funds in USA dollars to make it easier.

When you get reading feedback is greatly appreciated. You can find a section for reviews on my Facebook page.

Look for a daily pick a card post where I randomly select a card deck and put out 3 cards. You chose the card that speaks to you and the cards are revealed later on in the day.

I also have an Instagram Page that you can visit here. I plan to do some live videos from there in the future.

Thank you very much!

Love and light,